Friday, February 22, 2013

Panorama Pictures

View from Rialto Birdge, VeniceView from Rialto Bridge, VeniceThe Blue Mountains - The Three Sisters - AustraliaBotany Bay, looking towards Sydney Harbour from ManleyKatatjuta Lookout at the Olgas, near Ayers Rock, AustraliaSt.Just-in-Roseland Creek, River Fal
The River Allen and the Truro River, Tributaries of the River FalTruro Piazza, formerly known as Lemon QuayRiver Kenwyn and River Allen becoming the Truro River at Worth's QuayTruro High CrossView from the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth - looking towards Flushing over the Penryn RiverKing Harry Passage, River Fal, Cornwall
Loe Bar on a very overcast day!St.Ives Harbour (Sitch picture)The view from the Heron Inn, MalpasView from Place House over the Percuil River looking towards St.Mawes, Roseland, CornwallPlace House, Percuil River, CornwallSt.Mawes harbour, Percuil River
Truro Station, footbridge - built in 1898 by John Lysacht Ltd (Bristol)Truro City of Lights - 17th November 2010Treliske Hospital in the snowPenair Oldies 198 - River Tamar to Lands End Challenge, 26th August 2010thewalk155.sitch.resize.viewfromheroninn.malpas.26thaugust.2010Penair Oldies 210 - River Tamar to Lands End Challenge, 26th August 2010

Panorama Pictures, a set on Flickr.

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